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  • WAMBAF - Water Management in Baltic Forests

    The aim of the project is to determine the methods and tools for water management in forests, which contribute to the improvement of the quality of waters entering the Baltic Sea.

    In terms of content, the scope of the project includes issues related to:
    • operation and maintenance of drainage equipment
    • the beaver's impact on water quality/li>
    • forest management in the vicinity of surface waters
    • modern tools supporting water management in forests

    Main constructor

    Department of Computer Science and Modeling of the Forest Research Institute

    Cooperating IBL plants

    Department of Forest Ecology, European Center of Forests, Department of Forest Ecology,
    Department of Silviculture and Genetics of Forest Trees, Department of Forest Protection, Independent Laboratory
    Of Forest Environment Chemistry, Department of Forest Management of Mountain Regions

    Cooperating national research institutions

    Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, Faculty of Forestry of the Agricultural University of Krakow

    Cooperating foreign research institutions

    Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landspace Research (WSL), The Vienna University of Technology (TUW), Joanneum Research

    Other companies and organizations participating in the project

    Taxus IT, MGGP Aero, BlackBridge AG, BULiGL (Office of Forest Management and Surveying)


    Radomir Bałazy